About Cinema World Studios

Cinema World Studios, for over 35 years, has been a hallmark in the major motion picture, network television, commercial, and music video industry. Our direct involvement encompasses 168 major feature films, including over 3000 episodic network television productions. Including the "Production Hosts" for the acclaimed hit series "Make Me A Supermodel" on Bravo. We are the country's largest medical scene producers, facilitators, and technical advisors to endless feature films, prime-time television, and sitcoms produced in New York.

Every year, countless network television commercials in every product area imaginable, including some of the award-winning world-renowned "Super Bowl" commercials, are produced on our "State Of The Art" massive sound stages.

Cinema World prides itself on the unique ability to monitor the entertainment business in its entirety continuously. We identify new trends and are the first to spearhead new developments in achieving and surpassing marketing, operating and bottom-line financial goals in all areas of the industry. "Being First, Keeps Us First." The management team at Cinema World thinks visually with innovative designing, constructing, and operating the only 40,000 square foot "State Of The Art" (Disney-like) themed studio facility in the United States, including the entire range of ancillary location production support services.